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Altura Presents: Planet Perreo (18+)

Thursday, Jun 15, 2023






Who Is Willie VL?

Willie VL is from Carolina, Puerto Rico, and currently resides in Las Vegas, NV. He is a Latin artist, and has been making music for a little over a year now. He has always loved music and even pursued it for a bit in his teens, but he focused more on athletics than  on music. He would still write songs even though he was not recording them at the time. When his athletic career did not go as planned, he joined the military. Still passionate about sports/football, he played in semi-pro sports to fill the void. Fast forward to 2020 when covid hit. He listened to a popular song and thought to himself, I can do that too, so that’s what launched him on this journey again. He was part of a various artist songs called “La Calle Me Hizo” in Oct 2020 and released his first single in February of 2021. When he got pretty good feedback, he felt like he needed to keep working to improve his craft and his quality of music. Then in September, he released his second single, “Aventurera”, produced by QUIXKmadeit, and that one gave him the confidence he has now. It has played all around the world. With that confidence, he continues to aspire to make great music for people to enjoy worldwide; whether they know the language, they can still vibe. 

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